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Clinical Gait I

                 Intensive LE Integration to Gait Cycle

                                   (PDX), February 7-9th, 2020

                           -- Instructors Dennis Eaton, PT and Neal O'Neal, PT 


Visceral Manipulation III:                    Subdiaphragmatic GI Structures

                                     (SEA) February 28-29th, 2020

                                           (redirects to for purchase)

                                             --Instructor: Neal O'Neal, PT


        Cancelled due to Covid-19 Outbreak

Thoracic Cage II:

Advanced Rib Treatment

April 17-19th, 2020 (SEA)

--Instructors Dennis Eaton, PT and Neal O'Neal, PT


             T2 / T4 Rings and UE: 

                    Closed due To Covid-19

         Advanced Clinical Concepts

                                  (Victoria, BC) September 18-20th, 2020



Visceral I: Genitourinary Tract

(SEA) October 9-10th, 2020

                                                  -- Instructor Neal O'Neal, PT 



Clinical Gait II:  CLOSED due to Covid

             Pelvis to T9 Integration to Gait Cycle


                              November 13-15th, 2020

                                 -- Instructors Dennis Eaton, PT and Neal O'Neal, PT 

Skeleton Dabbing

Autonomic Nervous System

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is made up of the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems and Hypothalamus which controls and responds to the information presented to it by these two branches. In this way, the body's function is automatically juggled to maintain life in the face of adversity.

However, sometimes the information presented is wrong or the system gets derailed in it's attempt to maintain dynamic equilibrium. It is at these times that the correct tuning or balancing can make a large difference in the function of the Autonomic Nervous System especially in it's ability to deal with and minimize the effects of stress. 

That is where advanced manual treatment enters. Years of study and practice have honed our skills to treat manually and restore people to health. We are trying to pass on that knowledge to you.

HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

We instruct manual therapy students and others in advanced manual therapy treatment approaches through a deeper understanding of clinical palpation skills, understanding of several effective assessment and treatment modalities such as:

ConterStrain (a combination of positional release techniques advocated by Larry Jones, DO and Loren Rex, DO),


Muscle Energy,


Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes,


SNS and PSNS ganglia testing,


and through Global and Regional provocation tests, clinical embryology, neurology, physiology, anatomy, and pathology. 

HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

Measurement of HRV for use in monitoring training and recovery involves analysis of the heart's beat-to-beat variation. By accurately measuring the time interval between heartbeats, the detected variation can be used to measure the psychological and physiological stress and fatigue on the body during training.

Generally speaking the more relaxed and unloaded (free from fatigue) the body is, the more variable the time between heartbeats. HRV data can indicate the impact of fatigue due to prior exercise sessions, hydration levels, stress and even the degree of performance anxiety, nervousness or other external stressful influences are affecting the body.

Studies have shown that HRV varies within individuals according to size of left ventricle (inherited trait), fitness level, exercise mode (endurance or static training) and skill (economy of exercise). Body position, restfulness of sleep, temperature, humidity, altitude, state of mind, hormonal status, drugs and stimulants all have an effect on HRV, as do gender and age.


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