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ANS Balance Staff


We at ANS Balance believe that health is more than just a number on the scale and understand how the body's neurohormonal system drives our overall health. By understanding how to determine autonomic nervous system dysfunction through palpation and observation of heart rate variability, we can help our patients and clients live a healthier lifestyle. 


Neal O'Neal

Neal O'Neal graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Continuing his education, Neal trained in The McKenzie Approach, Foot and Ankle Biomechanics, Upper Extremity Biomechanics, Golf Biomechanics culminating in volunteering at the LPGA Safeco Classic at Kent Meridian Golf Course, and trained at The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine Acceleration Program. In 1999, Neal trained in cardiovascular screening as applied to pre- employment screening and then became a Site Instructor for Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. Neal also performed work-site evaluations for Newcastle Brick, The US Army at Fort Lewis, and the Washington Teachers Union. Neal also has trained extensively at The Jones Institute, The Ursa Foundation and The Mitchell Institute. Neal also worked with BioforceHRV to develop the use of Heart Rate Variability as a research and treatment guidance tool and he was an instructor and Director of Research with Ursa Educational Institute for Manual Therapy (currently, Kinections, Inc). Currently, Neal maintains two busy manual therapy clinics in Redmond and Renton, Washington. Neal has been an instructor at ANS Balance HRV for 3 years. 

   Neal's other passions are his wife, 2 boys, their 2 dogs, trail running, and a new found flirtation with Paddle Boarding.

Dennis Eaton

Dennis Eaton graduated in 1989 from Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon receiving a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Since graduation he has pursued continuing education in workplace ergonomics in both the industrial and office settings. He has set up numerous ergonomic and injury prevention programs including: Oregon Health & Sciences School of Nursing, City of Portland Fire Dept. , Water Bureau, Maintenance Bureau, and large private corporations. He has trained in Manual Therapy thru the Ursa Foundation under Loren Rex, DO, since 1990 and the Jones Institute, under Larry Jones, DO. He has taught Muscle Energy classes since 2004 and recently for the Ursa Educational Institute for Manual Therapy. Dennis maintains a busy private practice in Portland, Oregon. Since 2006 he has also been the Strength and Conditioning Coach and Physical Therapist for the Mt. Hood Aquatics Swim Team. He specializes in strength and conditioning for advanced competitive swimmers. 

Dennis' favorite past-times are swimming, hiking, making great food, and spending time with his wife of 33 years, and his son. 

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