Extremity Integration into Spine and Pelvis (SEA) September 27-29th, 2019

Injuries to the extremities cause dysfunction that often contributes to significant functional limitations. These dysfunctions vary according to how the upper and lower extremities integrate into the spine. Rehabilitation professionals who properly apply manual therapy techniques and exercises give their patients the best opportunity to rehabilitate their injuries.


This two and a half day course will enable the participant to understand the role of manual therapy in rehabilitation of the upper and lower extremity and apply manual and exercise techniques appropriately. 


The course is designed as an interactive learning environment between the instructor and participants. As an optimal continuing education experience, the participants will be able to apply these techniques immediately when they return to the clinic.  Additionally, they will be able to use the anatomical, biomechanical, and neuromuscular basis to further develop their manual therapy skills.

Extremity Integration into Spine and Pelvis

Redmond, WA, September 27-29th, 2019

Pursuit Physical Therapy

14961 NE 95th St

Redmond, WA, 98052

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Class participants will learn how to:


1. Identify the anatomical and biomechanical foundations for manual therapy in the  extremities and their integration into the spine and pelvis.

2. Correctly assess dysfunction of the upper and lower extremity and the associated spine / pelvis dysfunction.


3. Describe the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal, neural, vascular, and lymphatic structures of the extremities secondary to faulty adaptive / integrative patterns.


4.  Be able to instruct and perform functional exercises to   reinforce applied manual therapy techniques for the upper and lower extremities and shoulder and pelvic girdles. 



 Target audience: All licensed or certified healthcare providers including, but not limited to: PT, AT, DC, LMT, RN, OT, and ND.


18 contact hours – 18 1-A hours anticipated  


Instructors: Neal O'Neal, PT and Dennis Eaton, MPT


Class is held 9-5 Friday / Saturday and 8-12 Sunday and will be a combination of Lecture and Lab.









8:30           Sign in

9:00           Evidenced Based Practice Muscular Imbalances and Joint Dysfunction

10:15         Break

10:30         Evidenced Based Practice Tendon and Ligament Dysfunction

12:00         Lunch (on your own)

1:00           Global and Regional Provocation Tests Upper Extremity

2:30           Break

2:45           Weight Bearing vs NWB Recruitment 

4:00           Global and Regional Provocation Tests Lower Extremity

5:00           Clinical Pearls

5:30           Adjourn


9:00          Treatment of Upper Quadrant Dysfunction- Fascial and Counterstrain (Lab)

10:30        Break

10:45        Treatment of Upper Extremity Dysfunction- Joint Mobilization and MET (Lab)

11:30        Shoulder Girdle Reintegration Techniques

12:00        Lunch (on your own)

1:00          Treatment of Lower Quadrant Dysfunction- Fascial and Counterstrain (Lab)

2:30          Break

2:45          Treatment of Lower Extremity Dysfunction- Joint Mobilization and MET (Lab)

4:15          Shoulder Girdle Reintegration Techniques

5:00           Clinical Pearls 

5:30          Adjourn


8:00          Pelvic Girdle Reintegration Techniques

10:00        Upper Extremity Exercises

11:00        Lower Extremity Exercises

12pm         Adjourn




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